Values come into play

Renewed support for Barca Reno, a football association in the province of Bologna, source of future football talents.  (more…)

In the race to foster values

Once again in 2016 Varvel SpA is supporting Atletica Blizzard, a light athletics sports association in Anzola dell’Emilia which pays special attention to young people and education (more…)

A dive into quality sport

The Crespellano based company promotes the most deserving activities locally and this year it has allocated a significant donation to NSB – Nuoto Sprint Borgo, an amateur sports association. (more…)

Let’s get employment moving

Varvel SpA, a Bolognese company specialized in power transmission, adheres to the project “Bologna, spotlight on the community” (more…)

Let’s get employment moving

Varvel adheres to the “Bologna, spotlight on the community” project providing a testimonial at an orientation meeting with unemployed school leavers and graduates seeking work in Bologna. (more…)