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Starting from the first phases of contact with the customer, up to the moment of purchase and for the entire life cycle of the product, we offer a complete tailor-made service.


With seriousness and professionalism, we are alongside the customer from the identification of the need to the most adequate solution.


Know-how to do it: our expertise at the mechanical engineering industry’s service.



Made in Italy

ITALIAN PRODUCTION >The Varvel product is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the Valsamoggia (BO) plants Valsamoggia (BO).
SHORT CHAIN > The short and flexible supply chain, with suppliers mainly located in Emilia Romagna, allows direct control of the activities and reliability of the supply.
NATIONAL HISTORICAL BRAND > The Varvel trademark is recognized as a” Historic Trademark of national interest “, a title reserved for those who have been protagonists on the market for at least 50 years.



ASSEMBLY KITS > The entire range of Varvel products is built according to the modular principle of assembly kits. An easy selection of the available kits allows the creation of different gearboxes, with different reduction ratios and numerous output and input solutions.
SAVINGS FOR THE END CUSTOMER > The easy retrieval of the kits and the simple maintenance ensure an economic saving for the final customers.
SAVINGS FOR THE DISTRIBUTOR > Thanks to the modular system, the Distributors save 50/60% compared to non-modular solutions to supply a certain number of combinations.
VARVEL ELASTIC COUPLING > The connection between reducer and motor with Varvel elastic coupling is a flexible solution. Over one hundred types of motor flanges allow the interfacing of different types of motor on the same reducer, changing only the motor mounting flange.


Application study


• CUSTOMIZATION > Varvel also designs customized solutions: 20% of the gearboxes manufactured have first level customizations; 7% are designed and built in co-design with the Customers.
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT > Thanks to the internal Research and Development department, Varvel guarantees great customization possibilities and complete assistance on each product.
LARGE OR SMALL LOTS > Whether it’s large productions or small lots, the Varvel team is always available to provide an answer to the different needs of the Customers.


Product range Worm screw


• WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS > Our range of worm gear reducers and gearmotors is the widest on the market: 120 combinations for a torque of up to 3,000 Nm at 1400 min-1.
A SINGLE INTERLOCUTOR > The complete range of products allows the customer to rely on a single interlocutor, in order to optimize production solutions and economic resources.
REDUCED GEAR CLEARANCE > All standard Varvel gearboxes feature reduced backlash as standard. This equates to a guarantee of greater precision for each machine on which they are installed.
STOP OIL LOSSES > To ensure maximum product reliability, all standard speed reducers are equipped with Freudenberg sealing rings as standard


Varvel’s pre-sales office is always ready to help customers find the best solution for their needs. We’ve got over 60 years of experience to share!
The Varvel range includes all types of gearbox, and we are always willing to help customers select the right product for particular applications.
Right from the initial contact, we support potential customers in choosing the right type, size and configuration of product, and can even design a new one if the necessary solution is not found in our standard catalogue.

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Our service continues even after the sale and installation of the product: for all requests for assistance click on the button below and fill out the form:




Our products are reliable and tough, but we know that unexpected problems can occur. That is why we are at your service to solve any problem with our usual speed and professionalism.


Whenever we learn that one of our products is not working as it should, we find the fastest and most efficient way to fix the problem. We can supply spare parts, make the necessary repairs in-house and, if necessary, come to you and provide assistance on-site!


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