International partnership

The partnership between the Varvel Group and Overveld Techniek Bv, who have distributed Varvel products in Holland for over 30 years, is stronger than ever.

The history of the Varvel Group, suppliers of Italian gearboxes to the global market since 1955, is characterised by the international growth of the community created by the Bologna-based company.

The process of internationalisation has led to constant dialogue between Varvel and partners, dealers and customers in over 60 countries around the world. This has been made possible by close and consolidated collaboration between Varvel and excellent partners everywhere.

In November, Varvel’s Sales Manager visited Overveld Techniek Bv, the highly successful distributor of Varvel gearboxes for the Dutch market. Thanks to a large stock of products in its warehouse and at the plant that assembles Varvel gearboxes for the local market, Overveld guarantees Dutch customers extremely short response times. The company also works closely with Varvel to develop custom solutions to meet the needs of customers in Holland.

Partnership between Varvel and Overveld dates back over 30 years, but was further consolidated in 2016 by the sharing of growth targets for the period 2016-2019.

Such common objectives and values unite Varvel and leading distributors of power transmission components all over the world, giving direction and vigour to a community that accepts no limits.


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