2019 Sustainability Report now online

The latest edition of this official document records a significant reduction in debt and further progress in internationalization.

Every year, the Varvel Group publishes a new Sustainability Report recording developments over the previous twelve-month period.

The latest edition of this corporate document records a significant reduction in debt (-7% compared to 2018 and -18% compared to 2017) demonstrating that our company can still implement financial improvements despite the slowdown in global trade that began in 2019, even before the Covid19 crisis.

Our 2019 Sustainability Report shows further progress in internationalization in the form of an increase and a shift of turnover towards exports to achieve a ratio of 30/70 between our domestic and foreign markets.

Employment levels have also remained constant and, to prove that it takes cohesion, confidence and a sense of belonging among employees to define a healthy and virtuous company, and not just turnover, 93.5% of our people are employed with permanent contracts and the climate inside our company has been judged very positive by a survey of employees.