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Product quality starts with components

To maximise the reliability of our gearboxes, we have decided to use Freudenberg oil seals for our entire product range.


Quality has never been an optional for Varvel. It’s what we aim for in everything we do, starting from our choice of suppliers. As proof of this commitment, and to offer our customers the best possible service, Varvel recently chose to use only top quality oil seals from famous German suppliers Freudenberg. Oil seals play an essential role in all gearboxes. They prevent oil leaks and contamination and ensure the proper functioning of the gears inside.


Oil seals are generally (if incorrectly) perceived as the weakest link in the gearbox because of the stress they are subjected to during functioning and the resulting wear and deterioration.


Today’s market also demands higher performance products to cope with more intensive operating cycles. We see Freudenberg as our best possible partner in ensuring customer satisfaction thanks to their proven capacity for innovation and improvement.