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COVID-19 Update May 04, 2020

The Italian government officially declared ended Italian lockdown for main manufacturing activities. Starting from today we are fully operational and ready for the “new normal”.


Our people are our priority and we will continue ensuring the highest safety standards for our employees, in compliance with national rules and regulations. In workplaces that will be reopened, all the protocols aimed at preventing COVID-19 will be applied, which include, the use of PPE, the regulation of common areas, the control of external accesses, the provision of hand sanitizers.


We are aware that we are moving in unknown ground conditions and, if we do something wrong, we might go back to the darkest times of the lockdown, therefore, during this first part of reboot, part of our staff will continue to support customers and suppliers in Smart Working mode.


Think about tomorrow, think about Varvel


COVID-19 is and will be the black swan event that forces entire industries, to rethink and transform their global supply chain model, we must be prepared. Think about tomorrow, think about Varvel is not a slogan but our staff commitment to support you to build the “new future”.