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System customization thanks to the modularity of gearboxes


Every industrial sector has different needs in the structure and organization of systems and machinery, and it can be very hard to find the perfect component that performs the necessary tasks. Especially in the case of gearboxes, whose functions range in all industrial environments, from mining to construction, to sectors where infinitesimal precision is required, such as chemical or pharmaceutical.


The customization of products, based on the needs of the end users, is one of the characteristics that can bring enormous benefits to the production and efficiency of machinery. There are born personalized solutions to adapt the products to the needs of the customer, starting from the management of equipment, then adaptation to the workplace, up to the most precise and personal requests. The goal must be to offer a wide range of solutions, paying particular attention to the solution of specific problems posed by individual customers, through dedicated projects carried out in collaboration with the customers themselves.


The advantages of owning customized tools are countless. It is possible to manage the production in the most convenient way, it offers the possibility to create new couplings of instruments and new applications, simplifying configuration and offering manufacturers complete package solutions, with components ready for implementation on the final machine, without further adaptation.


The different international markets have ever more specific needs, to which it is good to respond with customized proposals and applications on the basis of specific needs, offering numerous advantages to the client companies in terms of cost and storage.



It is the feature that allows new couplings between different components of the system, thanks to which the product is decomposed into standardized parts (modules) that can be assembled together thanks to interfaces, which are also standardized. In this way we obtain benefits of cost and differentiation: the producer can economically manage the variety of demand, thanks to cost savings and better product performance; the user can have access to a variety of offers and adapt it to their needs at sustainable prices.


This is an integration of the technical apparatus, which once again demonstrates the importance of customizing the components. In fact, thanks to the adaptability in the application, the service level is increased, with new potential couplings available. A simplification of configuration and of assembly, that provides to manufacturers with the possibility of complete package solutions with perfectly integrated components ready for implementation on the final machine. The modularity of the gearboxes allows to realize reducers in kit easily mountable in few minutes by any user. Some kits are common to all gearbox families, so they guarantee maximum flexibility to distributors and retailers who, even with a limited range of kits, can configure the product requested by customers with extreme speed and simplicity, with significant savings and in the delivery times.



The VARsize configurator has been available on line for several years. This useful tool provides simple procedures for autonomously selecting and customizing Varvel products before the purchasing. VARsize is constantly updated in order to improve the quality of the services. Some important updatings have been released in recent weeks in the database’s 2D/3D models.To satisfy North American customers’ needs, 2D/3D models of the RS and RT Series of worm gearboxes and of the RD Series of helical gearboxes with output shaft holes in inches have been introduced in VARsize. This tool is periodically enlarged with new contents or the editing of documents already online but recently updated: it’s a dynamic and ever evolving service for the customers.


Starting from October 2017, in the VARsize configurator are also available 2D/3D models of the square flanges needed to couple servomotors to the Varvel range of gearboxes, in all sizes from 28 to 110.The development of square flanges for servomotors is another key step forwards in the process of making Varvel’s range more complete and functional, both technically and commercially.


The most appropriate motorization is not always the one obtained through standard electric motors, perfect for applications that require continuous operation, clearly compatible with the Varvel range gearboxes.There are also discontinuous applications involving a large number of starts and stops and intermittent functioning where servomotors are by far the most effective solutions, while elec- tric motors are less effective and suffer from tribocorrosion. That’s the reason why Varvel chose to design and develop this complete range of square flanges to ensure perfect coupling between most common servomotors and Varvel gearboxes. The Varvel Group sees flexibility, modularity and reliability as essential characteristics and is constantly striving to offer innovative and customized solutions to anticipate the needs of the international market.


The choice of expanding the range to improve its versatility in use demonstrates Varvel’s ability to get its industry’s needs and seize every challenge, turning it into growth opportunities.