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Parallel shaft gearboxes and gearmotors

Like all gearboxes and gearmotors, the parallel shaft units are fundamental assets for the most diverse applications in the mechanical industry.

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Precision planetary gearboxes: what are they and what are they for?

Precision planetary gearboxes are also known as precision epicyclic gearboxes.

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How to combat temperature variations for gearboxes

Understanding the impact that the environment has on an industrial gearboxes is important for its operational efficiency.

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Worm gearmotor

The gearbox is the heart of every movement in all applications requiring low-speed power transmission. A gearmotor can be defined as a special compact unit consisting of an electric motor and a gearbox.

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Gear reducers in the manufacturing of ceramics

The choice of speed reducers (also called “gear reducers”) in the ceramics industry should consider that this manufacturing process is steeped in craftsmanship, especially in terms of skilled and highly specialized workforce.

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