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Gearmotors for mining: strong and reliable

The mining industry is heavy-duty by definition. This means that it involves very substantial operations and the use of structures and machinery that must be able to tolerate high stresses day after day.


Mining requires designing very high performance and capable of sustaining intense workloads, such as drills, drilling machines, screening machines, and, of course, reliable and robust belt conveyors for handling large quantities of aggregates horizontally and also on steep inclines.


In challenging environments like these, gearmotors play a very important role because they are used in complex continuous-cycle systems. In other words, their optimal operation must be guaranteed at all times regardless of operating conditions.


Furthermore, the mining sector must also be able to meet several business needs:

– Process efficiency

– High-level productivity

– Efficient use of resources, such as soil, water, and energy

– Low environmental impact


Varvel optimally responds to all these needs, providing mining companies with reliable, high-performance gearmotors capable of operating even under the toughest conditions, which are also easy to maintain.


Varvel gearmotors for the mining industry

Varvel offers mining and quarrying organizations efficient solutions for a wide range of applications, from the simplest to the most complex.


From crushing, drilling, and slurry processing to aggregate and material handling with ascending systems or conveyor belts, our gearmotors excel in harsh and even extreme environments, for instance in presence of high dust or humidity.


Ideal for mining and processing materials, such as marble, stone, granite, or coal, Varvel gearmotors are specifically designed for intensive cycles and to ensure maximum strength even under high loads.


Given the high quality of our solutions, many mining companies in Italy and worldwide are integrating our gearboxes into their technologies for marble cutting, sludge drying, asphalt tar production, and magnetic separation of mining aggregates. The high performance of Varvel gearmotors is complemented by the company’s clear focus on the now central requirements of environmental sustainability and reduction of the ecological footprint in the mining and processing of stone materials while ensuring maximum efficiency, compactness, modularity and application versatility.


In particular, the RD Series in-line helical gearbox for the mining and quarrying sector stands out for its high efficiency and modular design that reduces operating and maintenance costs.


Available in seven sizes and with two or three gear pairs, RD Series gearboxes for the mining industry have a maximum power rating of up to 78 kW in the 1400 rpm version and feature:


– Inlet and outlet seal rings made of NBR

– Housing and covers made of die-cast aluminum (up to size 4) and gray cast iron (for sizes 5 and 6)

– Ball or tapered roller bearings

– Die-cast aluminum inlet flanges

– Elastic coupling for motor

– Case-hardened and tempered alloy steel gears

– Synthetic oil for lifetime gear lubrication


The advantages of these helical gearboxes are numerous. Having a one-piece cast housing built according to ISO design standards and using structural analysis software for strain and stress verification, they feature a monolithic structure that does not undergo significant structural changes determined by operating torque and external loads. This is reflected in a positive result on the sealing surfaces.


Upon request, these gearmotors are manufactured according to the European Directive 2014/34/EU-ATEX and certified for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres or with high fire risk.


The following Varvel gearbox ranges can be applied for handling even bulk materials, an essential process in the mining and quarrying industry:


RO2 Series two-stage horizontal bevel helical gearboxes: these models provide high efficiency, maximum torsional rigidity, high-stress strength, and low backlash due to the robust one-piece housing.


RN Series parallel shaft gearboxes: high efficiency is combined with marked flexibility of use ensured by their modular design.


RO-RV Series three-stage vertical bevel helical gearboxes: their modular kit structure can be assembled easily and very quickly and is combined with high performance even under harsh conditions.


Would you like to receive technical support or business advice on the best gearboxes for your mining, material handling, and processing needs? Get in touch with Varvel specialists.