Varvel, thanks to the constant development of its technology, is today an important point of reference in the panorama international for manufacturers of woodworking machinery and related applications.


The flexibility and adaptability of Varvel gearboxes allow their effective integration into numerical control machines that characterize the current industrial production processes, allowing, among other things, the control and coordination of movements of the different axes of the machining centers.


The applications in which Varvel products are used include the main tools used for cutting, drilling, shaping, milling etc ….


Varvel gearboxes are able to meet the standards of reliability, safety, precision and quality required by the entire process of manufacturing and assembly, without which it would be impossible to satisfy the demands of the market.


Finally, the possibility of directly coupling Varvel gearboxes to the latest generation electric motors (including brushless motors, steppers etc …) makes the company an ideal partner for all those looking for collaborations based on development joint and long-term technology.




• Cutting
• Drilling
• Shaping
• Milling




Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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