Environmental protection is one of the most important issues in the world today. It is also driving the rapid development of new technologies for exploiting sources of clean and renewable energy. As a socially responsible company, Varvel pays particular attention to these matters and has developed a range of solutions that combine high technology with low environmental impact.

The principal need of manufacturers in the renewable energy sector is to optimize the ratio between investment costs and the energy produced by completed installations. The excellent quality of Varvel gearboxes minimizes the efficiency losses inevitably associated with the energy dissipation of conversion process.


Varvel products therefore see regular use in solar tracking systems for photovoltaic panels and in yaw control systems for wind turbines, both as original equipment and as upgrades to improve efficiency.


Varvel gearboxes are characterized by excellent reliability and reduced maintenance needs. Resistance to the harshest climates and the widest temperature excursions allow them to find applications even in the most extreme conditions. Silent running, reliable and compact, Varvel products are easy to integrate even in complex energy conversion systems.


In keeping with company policy on environmental protection and support for industry standards, Varvel’s Environmental Management System was certified to EN ISO 14001 standard in 2001.




• Wind turbine yaw control
• Solar panel tracking


Building management

• Wind turbine maintenance




Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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