The main purpose of these machines is to automate the packaging process, with the aim of making it faster and cheaper, increasing the productivity of the company. In each sector, packaging responds to specific needs: ranging from the need to keep the content intact, to the need to avoid external contamination from production to consumption of the product itself.

The main needs of the manufacturers of this equipment are due to the operating costs and the environmental impact resulting from their use; for this reason, for years Varvel has been investing important resources in the research and development of components capable of guaranteeing greater energy savings of the machinery in which they are installed.


The gearboxes designed and manufactured by Varvel are mounted, for example, in industrial applications used for: in storage operations for the protection of goods being shipped, in food packaging, in the packaging of pharmaceutical products.


Thanks to continuous innovation, the most modern design systems and the development of components that meet the needs of the market, Varvel is able to provide the most suitable products for the many applications that require the use of high-performance industrial appliances.


This is made possible by taking into account the specific needs of manufacturers, who are offered customized solutions in which the various stages of construction of each component are managed from conception to testing, in order to ensure the highest quality standard.



• Shrink wrappers
• Food packaging machines
• Medicinal packaging machines
• Pallet wrappers
• Plastic film packaging machines
• Paper and cardboard packaging machines
• Labeling machines


Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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