The industrial sector, for Varvel, includes not only activities focused on the properties and transformations to which products and materials are subject, but also those related to chemistry and robotics.

The in-depth knowledge of the sector and of the multiple needs of the industry allows Varvel to also create customized solutions in response to specific requests of international customers, arranging measures designed to adapt to all the possible processes and stresses of the most aggressive environments, which require compliance high safety standards for the protection of people, the environment and the machinery used.


In particular, Varvel gearboxes allow the operation of systems for the surface treatment of metals, the mixing of liquid or powder paints, the production of plastic materials, the execution of robotic welding, automatic interlocking with machine tools, etc.


Varvel also produces cast iron gearboxes, painted with two-component epoxy paints and with considerable resistance to wear, vibrations and corrosion, which prove to be components capable of providing excellent performance and reduced maintenance requirements for a long time.


Finally, almost all of the products in the Varvel range are available in the ATEX version, making them suitable for use in potentially explosive environments or environments with a high risk of fire, where machinery is exposed to highly flammable gaseous or dust emissions. This makes Varvel a reliable partner recognized all over the world by the main manufacturing companies in the sector.



• Footwear and leather goods production
• Water purification
• Air filtration
• Production and storage of cereals
• Surface treatments for metals
• Paint treatments
• Adhesive production
• Polyurethane production






Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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