Industries in this sector are recognized as being real ambassadors of Made in Italy throughout the world, in that they are able to satisfy the requirements of a market which is in continuous evolution using increasingly advanced and sophisticated technologies and it is precisely in this aspect that Varvel stands out and is present with its solutions, which are synonymous with guarantee and reliability, thanks to the different phases of testing and the complete control of the production chain.

The food sector, which is constantly growing and developing at both a national and international level, is one of the most demanding and difficult to approach due to the strict regulations and the high quality and safety standards required for products offered to consumers.
Varvel integrates its gearboxes in the main machines for producing, cooking, processing, handling and packaging food, as well as in those for bottling drinks.


Varvel’s presence, for many years now, providing many applications in the various industries of the sector has enabled it to develop solutions and partnerships with the most important brands, on several occasions devising personalized items and creating its own distinctive reference model.


Furthermore, the possibility of supplying many products with ATEX certification allows Varvel to approach all those applications where temperature control in the use of gearboxes becomes a distinctive and indispensable factor.




• Cooking
• Wine-making systems
• Beef, salami and pork industry
• Chocolate production
• Ice-cream making
• Ice production
• Pasta machinery



• Product packing
• Bottling


Power handling

• Conveyor belt system product handling



• Automatic warehousing




Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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